Waste to Energy

DEVISE is committed to the environmental protection through implementation of Energy Saving Solutions.


The company uses advanced methods of treatment to reduce energy consumption in the WWTPs it constructs (DEVISE MBF).

DEVISE is working towards the creation of more energy efficient wastewater treatment plants.
For this purpose, the company is currently involved in the investigation and development of solutions for sustainable technologies that can turn Waste to Energy.

More specifically, the company is participating in the following LIFE project which is co-funded by the European Commission:

“LIFE B2E4SustWWTP – New concept for energy self-sustainable wastewater treatment process and bio solids management”.

The aim of the project is to tackle the High Energy demand in the Treatment of Wastewater and benefit from Energy Production of byproducts (Waste-to-Energy).

Project Website: www.biosolids2energy.eu

    life b2e4