DAF (Dissolved Air Flotation) Unit

DEVISE Dissolved Air Floatation (DAF) unit is the core of the DAF system where the separation of the solids from the wastewater is achieved after the chemical conditioning (coagulation & flocculation) of the wastewater. 
For capacities 2-10 m3/h, we offer the DEVISE DAF Pack, a fully containerized unit.

Primary Gravity Clarifier

DEVISE High-Rate Clarifier type “CLARI-TUBE SETTLER” is the ideal solution for many applications requiring Physical-Chemical Separation (Precipitation) in Industrial Wastewater or Municipal Water Treatment. It is commonly used as a primary treatment and can be combined with Coagulation – Flocculation so to improve settlability of light solids and colloidal matter.

Micro-Band Filter "bio-Catcher"

The DEVISE MBF is a mechanical micro-solids separator based on the ‘continuous band/tape- filtration’ principle that is used to remove solids from all kinds wastewater. This machine can remove organic and inorganic matter, such as food waste, tissue- paper, inert material, fat, grease, animal slaughter remains, fish-remains and other biodegradable suspended solids from a wide range of industrial wastewater as well as from common municipal sewage.

The MBF can efficiently replace the primary treatment units and offers significant space savings thanks to its compact design.