Wastewater treatment of decentralized areas has always been a serious environmental problem and its solution imposes a technical challenge to the municipal planners and environmental engineers.  There are many remote villages, municipalities, tourist resorts and military or labor camps that are not connected to the main sewerage network and most of the times such connections are financially not viable and technically not feasible.

Smart Packaged & Portable Solutions

Decentralized communities up to 25.000 people, Hospitals, Holiday Camps, Hotels, Military/Labor Camps, Universities

For these cases, DEVISE provides *Smart Packaged & Portable Solutions*, i.e. Small and Medium Size Plants with DEVISE Compact, prefabricated, portable and modular units (containerized or skid-mounted)



Smart Wastewater Treatment Solutions

Decentralized Communities up to 50.000 people

For larger projects, DEVISE provides*Smart Wastewater Treatment Solutions*, i.e. Large Treatment Plants combining DEVISE prefabricated units with RCC or steel-bolted tanks