DEVISE ENGINEERING specializes on the Design, Engineering and Manufacturing of advanced Packaged Plants & first class Process Equipment for Water and Wastewater Treatment covering the full spectrum of Municipal & Industrial Applications.

The company‚Äôs extensive knowledge and experience in this field enables DEVISE to also offer its services as a Technology Provider to all customers involved in the implementation of  Water & Wastewater projects in the Municipal and Industrial sector.



To be a leading technology provider that develops innovative solutions for the environmentally sustainable treatment of water and wastewater, with a view to the reuse and energy recovery of by-products, in the international market.
To be the point of reference in the water cycle management and environmental protection, staying at the forefront of technological innovations.


To provide our customers with Smart and Effective Solutions in the field of water and wastewater treatment, with professionalism, consistency and quality in all services provided.

To develop Energy Saving and Wastewater Reuse Solutions, using combined advanced methods and technologies to create more energy efficient facilities. In addition, the development of technologies for the utilization of wastewater treatment by-products to produce energy (waste to energy) is a key objective of the company in the context of the global effort to avoid climate change.

To offer competitive high-performance products and top-quality services that meet the demands of our clients.

To follow a policy of ethics in our business practice, to have high quality in our work life and to bring excellent results to the company's shareholders, employees, clients and the community.

We aim to preserve and improve our natural environment for the benefit of all. We are committed to continuous improvement of our environmental performance by improving the efficiency with which we use natural resources.

We comply with all relevant environmental regulations and legislation.

We operate a robust environmental management system to ensure that environmental issues are integrated into our business processes and practices.

Business Values 

  • integrity.pngLeadership
  • consistency.pngConfidence
  • commitment.pngLoyalty
  • quality.pngExcellence
  • teamspirit.pngTeamwork
  • professionalism.pngProfessionalism
  • reliabilityReliability
  • reliabilityResponsibility
  • social sensitiveSocial Sensitivity


With a highly skilled team of professionals, DEVISE has the know-how to provide clients with Packaged Wastewater Systems tailored to meet the specific requirements of each project.

Our extensive experience covers all fields of expertise, i.e.

  • Design & Engineering Team (Process-Chemical, Mechanical, Electrical, Automation Engineers)  
  • Production Team, composed of Technical staff expert in mechanical system fitting, Plumbing, Electrical works, Steel Fabrication, welding, forming, etc
  • Plant Installation Team
  • Plant Commissioning Team
  • After-Sales Support Team