“ex-MBR” Plant

Packaged Plant –ex MBR Technology with Cross-Flow membranes

Modular Containerized/Packaged Plants for wastewater treatment (industrial effluents and leachates) with ex-MBR technology

Capacity Range: 50 - 500 m3/d

The "ex-MBR" type Package Plant is used for extensive solids separation of biologically treated wastewater. The DEVISE ex-MBR plants incorporates an energy efficient “cross-flow” type Ultra Filtration (UF) membrane module and associated equipment and instrumentation to achieve a reliable and effective filtration process.

The ex-MBR plant is a compact separation unit, with all the necessary equipment (membranes, pumps, plumbing fittings & piping, control & automation, instrumentation monitoring operation) fully integrated in a specially constructed for this purpose container. The DEVISE ex-MBR package plant also includes the necessary lighting, ventilation, insulation and other necessary facilities to form a complete system ready for installation on the industrial plot of each industry and directly connected to the bioreactor.