Innovative Package MBR Plant

Modular Containerized/Packaged Plant for biological wastewater treatment with MBR technology & built-in tertiary treatment





100 – 1.500

500 – 7.500


1.500 – 25.000

7.500 – 125.000



The ULTRA-CLEAR Bio Plants incorporate the most up to date wastewater treatment technology, namely that of submerged Membrane Biological Reactor (MBR). These “Package Bio Plants” offer a smart solution that surpasses other conventional ones of similar capacities, both in terms of compactness and performance.

These units are completely autonomous and provide high level of treatment, combining Biological Treatment + Ultrafiltration (UF) + Disinfection. They are produced in compact units of ISO-container dimensions for easy shipment & installation and are suitable for decentralized treatment facilities with high effluent requirements.

The ULTRA-CLEAR systems for the small packaged plants (i.e. up to 200 m3/d), incorporate flat sheet UF membranes of high packing density and for packaged units with capacities ranging from 300 up to 5,000 m3/d they incorporate reinforced hollow fiber UF membranes.



The DEVISE ULTRA-CLEAR Bio Plant design philosophy can also be used for bigger capacity installations where the biological reactors can be built locally either in concrete or modular steel. The Membrane Operating System (membrane cell & machine room) is of packaged form, thus offering all the benefits of a smart prefabricated solution.

Prefabricated Membrane Filtration Tank (MFT)

The Membrane Filtration Tank (MFT) is a pre-engineered packaged treatment system that incorporates all necessary process steps within a box-like structure. The box is made in mild steel with specific heavy-duty anticorrosion protection and has the dimensions of an ISO-standard container. Due to its design, the prefabricated MFT can be readily transported from site to site by means of a trailer truck and is suitable for aboveground installation. The operation of the containerized MFT is as simple and user-friendly as possible and the same applies for its maintenance requirements.

Membrane Modules

For all its applications DEVISE uses modules that are supplied by world-leading membrane developers, manufacturers and suppliers with numerous references in the field of municipal and industrial wastewater treatment using the iMBR technology.

Containerized Machine Room

The majority of the equipment necessary for the operation of the MFT is installed inside a containerized machine room which is a specially modified ISO standard container that comes complete with lockable doors, lighting, internal wiring and ventilation.