DEVISE is an experienced technology provider with wide and extensive know-how on the treatment processes of water and wastewater applications. This capability allows the company to provide products & solutions with added value services.

Engineering Services

DEVISE is dedicated to keeping abreast of new technologies and techniques and applying them accordingly to all engineering work so as to efficiently and effectively correspond to the client’s requirements.


Project Support Services

  • Conceptual Design
  • General Specifications of Works
  • Plant Engineering
  • Quality control
  • Installation of plants and equipment
  • Customer Training and Support

Detail Design Services

  • Process design calculations
  • Plant layout and development
  • Detail Engineering of Plant and Equipment
  • Programming and Automation development

After Sales Services

The company is committed to providing a comprehensive after-sales support services so to better serve its clients.

Flexibility and performance are the main drivers for DEVISE after-sales team, offering the following range of services:

  • Plant performance testing
  • Plant Operation Services
  • Plant start-up, commissioning and performance monitoring
  • Troubleshooting & repair
  • Supervision and Distance Monitoring of Plants
  • Operation & Maintenance and after sales services